Game Planning & Development

New Challenges and Strengths

Our company, for more than a decade since its founding, has developed games based on an entirely in-house process of planning, development and management.
However, with recent movements in the industry and changes in the market, we have begun to adapt this model to corrrespond more flexibly and start new projects in cooperation with other companies, to make the most of our strengths and to learn from our weaknesses.
This flexibility was born as a result of creating a free and open working environment in which all staff members, regardless of their position or specialty, can present new plans and ideas and see them through to creation. We believe this will be the motivating force for our future business developments.
One thing that has not and will not ever change, however, is our desire to deliver new gaming experiences to customers all around the world. Ambition, with the devotion and dedication of our entire staff, will continue in this effort to offer the best in entertainment to all of our players.