Founder's Message

CEO Masanori Fukushima

We pride ourselves on our "ambition" beyond all else.

In our youth we all experienced a great range of titles that helped us embrace a feeling of "ambition" towards achieving new goals.

Now we want to create that same experience for a new generation and help them feel the same way that we once did, to help them feel an "ambition" for greatness, regardless of difficulties met along the way.

This same philosophy is held true by each and every one of the members of our staff, which allows us to create a working environment where nothing stands in the way of their "ambition" to become better creators of new gaming experiences.

We endeavor to convey to gamers around the world our "Culture of Fun," which sits at the core of our vision.

CEO Masanori Fukushima

Corporate Vision

Our Principles

Providing users with "Happiness" and "Enjoyment."

Not being content with the current state, always aiming for improvement.

Using the current environment to its best.

Being creative and flexible rather than being limited by set ideas.

Making the workplace an enjoyable environment to work through active communication.

Acting with understanding and gratitude.

Earnestly performing one's tasks to live up to coworkers' expectations.